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January 2009

Words From a Good Friend

Here is a section of and email a good friend wrote me not too long ago. I loved the message, the straight forwardness of it (just her style) and wanted to share:

"I can imagine it’s slightly weird and strangely comforting to feel yourself becoming more and more removed from this type of life. I just crack up when I see how much you are experiencing, how you’re experiencing, really living, and how things stay the same here. If you were to come back to the office tomorrow, within a few days at the most things would be just as they were when you left. And having seen another side now, you gotta wonder if that’s really how it is supposed to be. Life is only as complicated as we make it, our choices as restrictive as we let them be. I bet you feel empowered. Besides grateful!"

I am. I'm so grateful I actually give thanks for being grateful, often...

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